Free Concierge Service with all booked villas

When you book through us we want to make sure you have a fantastic holiday so, once you've booked, we'll help you organise extra activities, courses, hire cars, bikes or boats, book a ballon flight over the landscape or a chef for the week.

This means advice too, so feel free to ask us for good walks, or the best restaurants, or how to get around by public transport.

Here are some ideas:


We have a variety of chefs who can come to your villa and cook for you. From simple and traditional fare to more sophisiticated and modern menus, it is a real holiday pleasure to have somebody take care of everything without leaving your luxury villa.

Cookery Course

If you'd like to take some new skills home with you, a chef can come to your house and teach you their local skills. Some include a trip to the market to shop for the food you'll cook - you'll learn to judge and choose a good aubergine, courgette or mozzarella and even how to haggle. For tips on haggling before you arrive, watch the market scene in "Life of Brian", it's all there.

Cycle Hire

Cycling is a wonderful way to get to know a region so cycle hire is always popular. E-bikes are becoming more popular and are also available - the hills in Tuscany and Provence can be a bit of a surprise for the legs, to not speak of the Alpine mountain passes around the Lakes! Hybrids, MTBs and Carbon Road bikes are all possible and can often be delivered.

Car Hire

We have excellent brokers so feel free to ask us for a quote, our prices are competitive and we have an excellent value Super Waiver Insurance.


If you'd like somebody to pick you up from the airport and take you to your villa - or perhaps you'd like to be driven around the hill towns of Tuscany and visit the occasional winery without worrying about the drive back - all this can be organised.

Balloon Flights

A fantastic experience.

Art Tours

With cities like Florence, Siena, Avignon, Orvieto, Perugia nearby, it is worth making time to see the treasures within and how better than with a local expert?

Wine Tasting Tours

In both France and Italy wine is part of the culture and source of great local pride. So wherever you are staying there will be vineyards worth visiting and wines worth tasting. Sometimes you can just turn up and ask, in others you must book, others yet will practically feed you a full meal while they bring you glass after glass of delicious variants to test. We can help in any scenario - would you like a list of good vineyards to drive yourselves around? No problem. Or would you like a car or van to pick you up and drive you round, with a good lunch thrown in at midday? We can arrange it.

Wine or Olive picking (seasonal)

Many of the farming estates that have villas on their land also produce their own oil and wine and often you can ask to be part of the 'vendemmia' - ask us for details. The wine picking season is in September while the olives are normally picked in November. There is no better food than a slice of local bread, lightly toasted and rubbed with fresh garlic then held under to flowing olive oil as it pours richly straight from the press!!

Truffle Hunting

This can be exciting - done with dogs or pigs - mainly dogs, you will really explore the local countryside and hopefully return with a delicacy to grate over your pasta - or give to your chef!

Cycle Tours

Need a little help with where to go on your bikes? Or would you like to be guided by a local cyclist along the 'Strade Bianche" of the Eroica? We're happy to give you some routes to follow by yourself or to find you a local guide who can show you the best routes and the best cafes. Just ask.

Other ideas:

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