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The square in Gordes


Luxury Holiday Villas in Provence We started in Tuscany but kept going to visit Provence because it is such a beautiful and historic place. Now we've built up a small but good selection of villas, a varied selection of luxury rental villas both large and small. All our Provence holiday villas have been visited by us, and often we've stayed in the them too, so we know them first-hand. Villas with pools, often close to villages - in Luberon and in the Var. Invitation to Provence: Holiday Villas in the Luberon and the Var All our Provence holiday lettings are along the swooping valley of the Luberon, bordered by the Grand and the Petit Luberon mountain ranges, dotted with historic villages and towns - or in the Var, close to Cotignac, as these are the two regions we know best. More About Provence Provence is a sun-drenched land of luminous light and varied scenery. Its borders stretch from the turquoise Mediterranean seas and watery inlets of the Camargue to the rugged hills and gorges of Haute Provence. In between are vibrant lavender fields, groves of gnarled olive trees, scarlet poppy fields, Van Gogh sun flower scenes and countless castles and fortified hilltop Medieval villages of blue shuttered houses. The light and the colour of these landscapes once attracted painters like Chagall, Matisse, Picasso, Renoir and Van Gogh. Cezanne made Provence his home. The diverse influences of Provence’s conquerors over the centuries have left a culture of people who are proud and passionate. Along with a strong Mediterranean temperament comes a timeless joy for enjoying life. Wonderful ingredients for a holiday in southern France! Dan says: “In the abundant and colourful landscape of Provence I love visiting the Cistercian monasteries, calm quiet stone oases of meditation with wonderful reverberation in the churches. The Abbaye de Thoronet is my favourite of the three large centres of Thoronet, Senanque and Silvacane, though Senanque wins on magic when the lavender fields in front of it are in full bloom!”

The view from Villa on Lake Como

The Italian Lakes

Click here for all our luxury accommodation on The Italian Lakes, or if you'd prefer to search by area, find the location you're looking for below - you can then further filter your search in the next page. The Magic of the Italian Lakes Elegant villas and green mountains framed by the deep blue lakes dotted with white sails - the Lakes are magical! The southern ends tend to be more urbane and sophisticated while the north is closer to nature, but both sides to the lakes' coin are magical and beloved of the Milanese. Lake Maggiore - stretching 68 kms and nudging into Switzerland to the north - is blessed with balmy weather that allows its beautiful island gardens to thrive; gardeners and tourists alike can visit the islands via ferry from Stresa. Lake Como, popular with the elegant set, has an excellent ferry service that criss-crosses the lake to the various opulent villas and picturesque villages that line its shores. Dan says: “As a non-urbane mountain-lover, I enjoy the wealth of choice one has in the lakes – go cycling one day, visit a villa or an island the next, then back into the mountains for high level walking or climbing – always with a good restaurant no more than a stones throw away!” Begin your own adventure in the Italian lakes: search for the perfect lakeside villa, with Invitation To.

Chapel in the Crete south of Siena


Click here for all our villas in Tuscany, or if you'd prefer to search by area, find the location you're looking for below - you can then further filter your search in the next page. Why rent a Villa in Tuscany? There is no better way to relax with your family than at a villa and pool in the Tuscan countryside. The heart of Italy, cradle of the Renaissance, Tuscany is synonymous with culture, wine, food, art and history. You can search all of our beautiful villas with pools for rent in Tuscany here, or select them by area - each part of Tuscany has a distinct flavour, from the craggy marble mountains of the north to the forested and vineyard clad hills of Chianti, to the rolling landscape of the Val d’Orcia, south of Siena. It is both more convenient and more fun than staying in a hotel - you have the whole house and pool, can self-cater or even have a chef come and cook just for you. Our rental villas range from luxurious fully serviced villas with air-conditioning to more rustic villas close to a village, with a countryside kitchen, great outside eating areas and excellent pools for the whole family to relax in. Having a village nearby can be a great boon - look at ourVillas near restaurants and shops. We visit each and every one so always remember to ask us for first-hand advice.

The beautiful city of Assisi


Search all our villas in Umbria, or if you'd prefer to search by area, find the location you're looking for below. We also like it when you call us to discuss your requirements. More About Beautiful Umbria Often called the green heart of Italy, Umbria is a forested treasure trove of medieval villages, wonderful art and excellent restaurants. It has lakes, hills, rural landscapes, wonderful villages - and just a sprinkling of once-powerful cities that still command respect from their high volcanic cliffs. Not far from haughty Perugia and ancient Orvieto, both strongholds and refuge to 16th C. Pope Clement, lies the lovely hill town of Todi. Despite the town’s stark stone external structures whose sole purpose was defence, the surrounding green valleys and pastures of today persuade visitors that this is not really an urbanites mecca, this is a place to reconnect with nature, slow down and sip a good red wine. Dan says: “I love visiting the double helix well in Orvieto, designed so that donkeys could travel both up and down drawing water without crossing path. It was dug with great effort and at great cost for Pope Clement, who was worried about being able to withstand a siege in the city, though never used in anger. I also enjoy the buried city of Perugia: if you park below the town there are escalators carrying you up the hill to an underground section of the medieval city, buried and built over to create a Papal fortress in the mid 16th century. From sunshine and views over the countryside you suddenly emerge into a medieval street covered by massive brick vaults – magical every time. And from here you carry on to emerge again in the main town square, it’s a delight. “ Umbria has been an overlooked area for a while when many visitors tended to prefer the more glamorous Tuscany, but it has recently become a popular tourist destination. Culture seekers won’t be disappointed, with its offering of ancient villages rich in monuments and history: Orvieto, Assisi, Todi, Spoleto and Perugia, just to name a few.


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Beautiful views

Properties with breathtaking views. From the terrace or the pool enjoy the vista disappearing toward the horizon.

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Waterside properties

On the lakeshore, or with a view of the Mediterranean, in these houses the glint of sunlight on water brightens interiors.

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Town and Village living

Apartments or houses in villages or even in cities - discover local life by living within a village or town. We have luxury apartments or smaller, simpler properties for rent in villages.

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Private Villas

Private Villas for rent, most with swimming pools, in Tuscany, France or the Lakes. From luxurious elegant villas on their very own hillside to more simple rustic Tuscan villas in wonderful surroundings, find a private villa here for your holidays.

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Weddings & large reunions

For special events and large gatherings, consider these when you need spaces for the whole group to be together.

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Luxurious or exclusive villas

Luxury Villas in Italy and France - Fully serviced villas with pools in Tuscany, beautiful modernist villas on the shores of Lake Como, Bijou dwellings with indoor pools within caves in villages of Southern Tuscany.

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