Holiday Villas on the Italian Lakes

We offer a choice of luxury villas located in the beguiling Italian lakes area. Enjoy ravishing views over Lake Como - with or without a private pool. Or perhaps you would prefer a villa on the majestic Lake Maggiore: we have a number of superbly appointed lakeside villas, including properties with pools. Whether you're in the market for a very special self-catering villa, or you require concierge assistance for car rentals and day-trips - we can help. Magical Lake Como and Maggiore holiday rentals are but a click away.

The view from Villa on Lake Como

Click here for all our luxury accommodation on The Italian Lakes, or if you'd prefer to search by area, find the location you're looking for below - you can then further filter your search in the next page.

The Magic of the Italian Lakes

Elegant villas and green mountains framed by the deep blue lakes dotted with white sails - the Lakes are magical! The southern ends tend to be more urbane and sophisticated while the north is closer to nature, but both sides to the lakes' coin are magical and beloved of the Milanese. Lake Maggiore - stretching 68 kms and nudging into Switzerland to the north - is blessed with balmy weather that allows its beautiful island gardens to thrive; gardeners and tourists alike can visit the islands via ferry from Stresa. Lake Como, popular with the elegant set, has an excellent ferry service that criss-crosses the lake to the various opulent villas and picturesque villages that line its shores.

Dan says: “As a non-urbane mountain-lover, I enjoy the wealth of choice one has in the lakes – go cycling one day, visit a villa or an island the next, then back into the mountains for high level walking or climbing – always with a good restaurant no more than a stones throw away!

Begin your own adventure in the Italian lakes: search for the perfect lakeside villa, with Invitation To.

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