Renting out your Holiday Home

We are always interested in seeing new properties for our portfolio. If you would like us to consider your holiday home or villa for inclusion, please enquire now.

Browse our website to get an idea of what kind of property we are happy to represent. We have listed some of the characters below, but the main quality is charisma, or charm. Dan Wrightson chooses properties on the basis of whether he would stay there himself - this is slightly idiosyncratic but gives us a wide scope to choose houses we think our clients will enjoy, rather than properties that fulfil a tick list of features.

Dan says: "As an ex-architect, I love buildings with a bit of history!"

For property owners

A Villa Rental Company Unlike Any Other

The character of the house and the character of the owner are the most important qualities: an engaged, flexible and conscientious owner will play a large part in making sure our guests have an enjoyable stay, and the house must also have heart - we are not fans of houses designed drily and purely for rental. We will not consider properties already listed in many of the large portals.

Simple Guidelines to Renting Your Property

We also look for:

  • a balance of space, so houses don't feel too cluttered
  • a tranquil position
  • good, firm clean mattresses
  • abundant crockery and pots and pans.
  • Clean and functional bathrooms.
  • The houses must have enough furniture, both inside and outside, for the number of guests.

What We Expect from Our Owners

We ask that all maintenance staff - garden, pool and cleaning - be sourced and paid for by the owner. All linen and towels should be supplied, and the house should be cleaned once a week, included in the rental cost. Stairs should have bannisters, drops should be protected. Air conditioning is not necessary but is much in demand.


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We are always interested in seeing new properties for our portfolio. If you would like us to consider your property for inclusion, please fill out the form below.

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