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The Wrightson family were part of the wave of self-sufficient hippies who moved out to the countryside in the 70s. We moved to Tuscany, to a derelict farmhouse in 1973; there was no running water, no electricity, no telephone or TV and no heating save for an open, smoky fireplace. When the house was partly fixed, and had a calor gas fridge and oil lamps, by 1978, we rented it to Laurie Taylor and Tom Baker for a month while we moved out and came back to the UK to visit family. That started a process of renting to UK visitors, first just our own flat and then helping others do the same. Here’s a BBC article about our move to Tuscany: The Children uprooted to live the 1970s Good Life

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We generally consider 1982 to be the year things got serious, even though early bookings were still done by walking over a mile to the nearby village where they had a telephone, so everything took a lot longer! In the early 90s an article in Independent called us one of the “longest established and best respected agencies” - we like to think this is still true. We certainly value transparency and honesty as driving values and like to think this is why we have so many return customers, some for over 20 years.We have now been helping people visit Tuscany for over 35 years and have also started renting properties in Provence and the Italian Lakes, mainly because these are 2 places we also love and often visit.

The quality of houses has certainly increased over the years and we have a wide selection of beautiful and luxurious properties. But I still have a soft spot for the owners with whom we started, and for simple places - you’ll find some quite rustic properties on our books as well as the high end ones - it’s the charm that counts and the reports we get back from our clients that determine which stay on our books and which go!

Read our client reviews here: Reviews.

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